How long will it take for me to receive my order?

We ship smaller orders via USPS First Class Mail from our headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.   These are typically received within three to five business days.  Larger orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, UPS or Lone Star Overnight (where available), these shipments are generally received within two to four business days. Expedited shipping is available (for an additional fee) on any order, regardless of quantity. Please email to make arrangements.

Are they Pantyhose or are they “Tights”?

Neither, but both, kind of…  Diva Hosiery is produced using a proprietary thread composition and production process exclusive to us.  They provide performance and durability far greater than that of a traditional pantyhose but the sheer, flattering look of a hosiery product.

How many uses can I get out of a pair of Diva Hosiery?

There are a million variables that determine the longevity of a pair of Diva Hosiery.  If you’re sitting behind a desk and are careful not to snag them putting them on and taking them off you can get several days of use out of them or more.  If you are in a performance situation with floor moves, tumbling and lot of contact you may only get a few uses out of a pair.  Regardless, our aggressive price point makes Diva Hosiery a tremendous value for any application.

How do I care for my Diva Hosiery?

We recommend hand washing using a mild detergent (no bleach!) and hanging over a towel to dry.  As a secondary option you can machine wash your Diva Hosiery on “Delicate” in a pantyhose/lingerie washing bag and hang them over a towel to dry.

What is the right color for me?

Diva Hosiery comes in three shades; Natural, Suntan and Mocha.

We have found over the years that the vast majority of our clients, regardless of skin tone, prefer Suntan.  Suntan truly compliments all skin tones and our team purchasers like the continuity of all of their performers in one tone of hose.

Only in cases of exceptionally fair skin do we see a preference for Natural (to prevent the wearer from looking two-toned) or the exceptionally dark skin we see the preference for Mocha (which can prevent an “ashy” appearance under flash photography).

How do I determine my size?

The sizing chart below accounts for height and weight.  In the case of the highly active or those that fall on the border between sizes we always recommend you go up one size.  This will allow for not only greater comfort but also greater durability.

Size Height Weight
A 5’0″ – 5’3″ Up to 120 lbs
B 5’3″ – 5’6″ Up to 135 lbs
C 5’6″ – 5’10” Up to 170 lbs

I’m really tall; do they come in “Long”?

Diva Hosiery are exceptionally elastic.  There are tips and tricks for all shapes and sizes.  For the exceptionally tall, start by (carefully) pre-stretching your hose prior to wear.  Grab them at the top (near the crotch) and at the ankle and stretch.  Then, when you put them on cup the opening at the bottom around your heel and gently pull them up.  Once they’re all the way up release them from your heel – voila!

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

At Diva Hosiery your satisfaction is our #1 priority.  If for any reason you need to return or exchange any unopened product for any reason we will gladly accommodate you with no questions asked.  Just email us at

Do you offer team or bulk pricing?

Yes!  We offer FREE Shipping on orders greater than $225 and Team Pricing on orders of 100 pair or more combined with FREE Shipping. Please call us at (210) 241-1537 or email us at for Team Pricing details.

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